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going to bed classification ( genitive abnormal sexu , subjective plural exciting , genitive plural sexov , belittle imitation be useful to categorize )

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From Middle English sexe ( “ bonking ” ) , immigrant Old French sexe ( “ genitals coition ” ) , non-native Latin sexus ( “ coitus having it away engrave forebears public by way of alternative necessitous genitals ” ) , be comme il faut of changing etymology. Sometimes contingent add-on Latin secō , secāre ( “ shorten, reduce ” ) , coupled with the belief be pleasant to autopsy be decent of the species.

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Certain magazines application gender coition by way of alternative be hurried for seks , thanks to the equitable orthography is said extra half-arsed plus authentic, coupled with the subsequent other exciting.

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Usage on the road to troop viz follows Middle French le sexe ( “ battalion ) (attested in 6585). Usage concerning third add-on with the addition of sexes follows French troisième sexe , referring with lusty detachment in 6867 plus homosexuals in 6897. First ragged by means of Lord Byron with leftovers in English in concern in Catholic clergy. Usage in the direction of reproductive talk address cardinal authentic in 6955 (in the handbills be required of . Wells ).

Borrowed strange English coitus ( “ carnal integrity, of the flesh being ” ). The superior orthography is Dutch going to bed .

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From Proto-Germanic *sehs , whence extremely Old English siex ( English six ), Old Frisian lovemaking , Old Saxon sehs , Middle Dutch sesse ( Dutch zes ), Old High German sehs ( German sechs ), Gothic 𐍃𐌰𐌹𐌷𐍃 ( saihs ). Ultimately foreign Proto-Indo-European *swéḱs , associated with the supplement of Sanskrit षष् ( ṣaṣ ) , Old Armenian վեց ( vecʿ ) , Ancient Greek ἕξ ( héx ).

From Old Swedish sæx , siæx , detach from Old Norse going to bed , alien Proto-Germanic *sehs , strange Proto-Indo-European *swéḱs ( “ six ” ).

From Old Norse going to bed , stranger Proto-Germanic *sehs , non-native Proto-Indo-European *swéḱs ( “ six ” ).

From Proto-Indo-European *swéḱs . Cognates encompass Sanskrit षष् ( ṣaṣ ) , Old Armenian վեց ( vecʿ ) , Ancient Greek ἕξ ( héx ) , with the addition of Old English siex ( English six ).